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Patrizia Bonfanti’s Fall/Winter 2022-23 fashion campaign is set in Pistoia’s stunning and historic Fabroniana Library.

The Fabroniana Library was built in 1726 and is a historic building lined with antique bookshelves from the 18th century.

This 1700’s library holds over 2000 books and 400 manuscripts.

The Prosequor fashion campaign is a cultural and fashion project that showcases the beauty of Toscana’s landscape and art by local businesses.

The styling of the new Fall/Winter 22-23 collection is influenced by the 70s, diving into the past before returning to the present.
The important point is that current creativity and beauty are based on past experiences.

Moda in Italy needs to protect and promote the unique language that comes from their identity, so the name of the campaign was chosen, Prosequor, which means “to advance” in Latin.

The new Fall/Winter 22 collection takes inspiration from the past and creates an eternal style that connects the past, present and future.

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