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Patrizia Bonfanti founded the homonymous, certified made in Italy, women’s footwear brand in 2015 in Tuscany. Following the artisan tradition of his father Danilo who in 1974 founded the Dover shoe factory, the place where the Brand’s collections are still produced today.

Patrizia Bonfanti has built her own style starting from the female foot, dressing it in softness, making practical comfort an essential aspect. Discrete footwear, never unnecessarily showy, pleasant to wear that naturally follows the steps and elegantly responds to a function.

Shoes that know how to express a timeless style, enhanced by fine leathers, through exceptionally skilled craftsmanship to convey a soft and conscious femininity.

An approach that puts women at the center, offering them shoes that become tools for empowerment and a new self-representation.

Our conceptual perspective is to offer, through the quality of materials and exceptional craftsmanship, a dialogue between the outside world and the person in a distinctive interpretation of the contemporary as an expression of the person’s singular and dynamic way of being.

Creativity and Italian craftsmanship shine in the beauty of our footwear, our identity.

The Patrizia Bonfanti company bases its most authentic meaning and its aesthetic research in manual skill, in the exclusivity of leathers and extreme attention to detail.

The Dover production center near Pisa in Tuscany is the meeting point between the company’s technological and artisanal thinking.

The combination of craftsmanship and creativity with modern and innovative tools is the starting point and the company’s constant commitment to ensure that our shoes live on through time. Quality shoes. Because you wear Made in Italy.

Via W. Tobagi 4,
Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa)
Tel. +39 0571-480277
Fax +39 0571-480794