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Sunrise is the fashion campaign fall winter 2021 by Patrizia Bonfanti. Dawn is a moment of absolute poetry, it contains the magic of hope and strength for a fresh start. The ray’s of the sun come back to conquer the darkness, in the same way every day we can realize something new, find new stimulus, improve ourselves and have new reasons to smile or go back to it.

Sunrise in such a delicate time for all the economy sectors following the pandemic 2020 is a metaphor, a wish and a spur to rebirth of fashion and creativity.
Sunrise was taken with the lights of dawn when still some clouds filled threatening the sky, but as you see in the last few shots at the end are the blue sky and the energetic rays of sun to triumph.
The fall winter 2021 collection with the same energy features the iconic boots with wedge Patrizia Bonfanti in variants of leather gritty as the coconut print or animalier. Made by skilled artisan hands and the result of a production and creativity all Italian, Patrizia Bonfanti collection is ready to light up your winter days

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