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Patrizia Bonfanti’s fashion campaign spring summer 2021 “I hate the summer” is inspired by the homonymous Italian song of the years ‘60 by the singer Bruno Martini.

A fashion campaign with a nostalgic and dreamy atmosphere based on the figure of rhetoric which consists in expressing oneself in terms of meaning opposite to what one thinks.
“I hate the Summer” It’s a melancholic hymn for something so beloved and now lost.
The Symbol and the location of this fashion campaign, which runs between jazz notes and vintage flavors is an Liberty Style pool as beautiful as it is empty.
The empty pool represents the historical period we are now living, all our passions because of the Pandemic have “dried up”, everything seems to stand still time seems to have
crystallized with our emotions.
The spring summer 2021 collection is characterized by sandals with innovative and essential lines , woven leather, ruffled, pastel colors.
“I hate the summer” has a melancholy but dreamy and optimistic leit motiv, in the final video of the fashion campaign the protagonist seems to wake up from the torpor to laugh without thoughts just like as you do in summer.
The fashion campaign spring summer Patrizia Bonfanti 21 is therefore a message of tenacity , an incentive to take our lives back in our hand and start doing it from the things we love the most.

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