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Geometric shapes, essential lines, metaphysical references and links with Zen philosophy.
The new spring summer 2020 Patrizia Bonfanti fashion campaign the “form of equilibrium” is based on the important concept of Equilibrium.
Equilibrium is the basis of harmony; it is at the basis of everything.
Starting from the physical term, it is what allows an object to remain standing: if the center of gravity doesn’t come out from the base of support, the object is in balance.
Existence itself is based on equilibrium: the atoms aggregate and react respecting the precise links and always try to balance themselves with electron charges.
The new Patrizia Bonfanti Spring summer 2020 collection”The Shape of balance “ is inspired by the concept of balance by creating models with harmonious and balanced lines, without ever exceeding but at the same time without being banal.
To find this balance, Patrizia Bonfanti turns her look to distant and exotic lands.
The shoes Fuji and Kyo and Saki shoes in particular they are inspired by traditional Japanese footwear reinterpreted in a western and cosmopolitan key.
Essential shapes, a palette of colours that ranges from neutral tones to bolder nuances such as acid green or orange, always balanced by artisan attention to every detail.

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