20 Maggio 2024


The casual chic style of Patrizia Bonfanti shoes with heels that are never too high or too much showy is reflected in the numerous outfits that can be created, wearing this footwear that is a look that reflects the Parisian and cosmopolitan mood: dresses in neutral colors, white, beige, black, blue or pastel tones.
Here are some outfit advice that are in line with the Patrizia Bonfanti philosophy that you can follow to be très chic always and in any case:
The number one rule for a metropolitan outfit but with a good taste is "less is better"
Simplicity never goes out of fashion
The basic and versatile items that should never be missing in a women's wardrobe are: a white shirt, rather oversized and with a male cut, a color camel blazer, a leather jacket, a pair of jeans with indigo tones without tears or daring fading.

Patrizia Bonfanti philosophy is to choose tradition by making it contemporary.
It is not easy to use basic garments and not to be trivial, the trick is to apply the "mix and match" rule, that is to wear a double-breasted jacket or blazer and soft and wide trousers with a low shoe, an unconventional mule- shoes like the iconic model Masa (by Patrizia Bonfanti), instead of an usual décolleté.
The Patrizia Bonfanti woman prefers prints that are paintings, flowers,
dots or pie de poule, instead of logos she loves a look without excess, without showing off the symbols of the brands
Last tip is to always wear outfits with easiness and certainty, remember not to be too related to trends of the moment but to put our personality in what we wear.

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